A traditional campsite right in the heart of the beautiful Devonshire countryside.

About Us

Our family have had the pleasure of carrying on the 40-year tradition of a campsite here in the valley since 2006 when the working farm and surrounding woodland came up for sale.

The hidden and picturesque valley village of Daccombe (a secret to even some Torquinians) won our family’s hearts over generations. Grandchildren were told legends of the valley, and we had all either worked here on the land, wandered through its woods and lanes, or stayed here as 4th generation Scouts or simply as visitors to the Torquay area.

Now it is our turn to champion its many wonders. A beautiful steep-sided valley with 500-year-old oak trees and uninterrupted views of Dartmoor’s National Park. The perfect location for families to explore dozens of beaches on foot, or by boat, and the great number of local attractions, nightlife, events, watersports and entertainment, that Torbay (the English Riviera) has always been proud to offer, and all are just over the other side of the hill.

Treacle Valley Website
This website is designed to be helpful to Treacle Valley campsite visitors. Treacle Valley campsite has provided this information as a guide, and to promote our local community, our local traders, our local attractions, things to do, and places to go within Torbay, and the county of Devon. Please note that information contained on this website may change.

Where are we?

Treacle Valley is nested in the beautiful, unspoilt Devonshire village of Daccombe. Daccombe is located just over the hill from Torquay in sunny Torbay.

Treacle Valley campsite resides in the village of Daccombe which is a traditional unspoilt Devonshire village which is located next to the north of Torquay town centre. Treacle Valley campsite is an ideal family holiday location. It is very usual in that it still retains traditional countryside feel and the friendly, communal atmosphere it fosters. In addition to the quintessential countryside, over the hill in Torbay, there are plenty of things to do, places to eat and drink. Treacle Valley is less than two hundred metres from the edge of Torquay, which is literally over just the hill!

Torbay, Devon
Torbay is a popular tourist destination. Torbay is made up of three distinct resort towns: Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, Torbay’s sandy beaches, mild climate and recreational and leisure attractions have given rise to the nickname, The English Riviera. Torbay is a borough in Devon, consisting of 24.28 square miles (62.9 km2) of land around the east-facing natural harbour of Lyme Bay in the English Channel.

Frequently Asked Question

To make your camping holiday more enjoyable at Treacle Valley campsite, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our fellow campers and glampers have asked in the past. If you can’t find an answer to your query here, then please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Treacle Valley Campsite, Devon

Treacle Valley campsite is set in 200 acres of working farmland, and is set in picture postcard rural Devon. Treacle Valley has the best of both worlds, as when camping with us, you can relax and enjoy the quintessential rolling hills of Devon, with the added benefit of the bay of Torbay and 'The English Riviera', just over the hill!

Treacle Valley Campsite News

Treacle Valley campsite is situated on a working farm.

Camping in Treacle Valley campsite is a fantastic place to camp as it’s located in the rural village of Daccombe, but is just five minutes from the edge of Torquay in Torbay. Daccombe village is an ideal place to camp as it’s right in the heart of beautiful Devonshire countryside, but also conveniently placed right on the edge of Torbay, the English Riviera.

There are plenty of local attractions to visit and enjoy whilst on your camping, or glamping holiday at Treacle Valley campsite.

Water sports in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, Torbay.
Water Sports

Author: Alan Bristow

Treacle Valley campsites ‘water sports’ page is now finished!

We have compiled a comprehensive list of water sports activities, in Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham, Torbay. Water sport fun for everyone whilst camping or glamping at the Treacle Valley campsite.

For more information on ‘Water sports in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, Torbay‘ follow the link to our ‘water sports’ page.

Whilst on your camping holiday at Treacle Valley campsite, local produce is available in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.
Local Produce

Author: Alan Bristow

Treacle Valley campsites ‘local produce’ page has been added.

Self-catering with fresh local produce whilst camping or glamping with us at Treacle Valley campsite is really easy. As we have great local produce suppliers just over the hill in Torbay.

Torquay and beyond is full of local traders and independent shops. You are really lucky as St. Marychurch in Torquay still retains a rich variety of independent local traders, and is full of fresh local produce, which today is a rarity.

For more information on ‘local produce in Torquay, Paignton & Brixham’, please follow the link to our local produce page.

Welcome to Treacle Valley Campsite! Treacle Valley campsite is an ideal place to spend your holiday as it is really near to Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.
Welcome to Treacle Valley Campsite

Author: Alan Bristow

We’re really pleased to welcome all our, 2024 campers & glampers to the Treacle Valley Campsite!

The campsite 2024 season is now in full flow, and we welcome all our campers, glampers, families and groups to our beautiful valley! 

If you’re new to Treacle Valley campsite, or you have spent time camping or glamping with us before, then please take a minute to have a look at our new ‘things to do and places to go‘ page, as there are amazing things to see and do throughout the bay of Torbay and beyond!

Campsite family holidays. Camping with us at Treacle Valley campsite gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the popular tourist destinations of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham in Torbay, Devon.
Family Holidays at Treacle Valley Campsite

Author: Alan Bristow

Treacle Valley campsites ‘family holiday’ page has been added.

We have compiled a useful list of family fun things to explore, see and do whilst on your family camping holiday with us at Treacle Valley.

Throughout the bay of Torbay and beautiful Devon, there are an amazing array of family friendly fun things to do …

For more information on Family holiday, things to do and places to go in Torquay, Paignton, & Brixham, follow the link to our ‘family holiday’ page.

Treacle valley campsite opens on 29th of March 2024. Treacle valley campsite is a working farm campsite and if you would like to camp at treacle valley this year we are open from Easter to the end of September.
Treacle Valley campsite opens 29th March 2024

Author: Alan Bristow

“We are glad to announce that Treacle Valley Campsite will be open for this summer season on Friday the 29th, March 2024 (Good Friday).

We hope you will join us for a season of sun and great memories. Good news! We have kept our camping prices the same as last season! A great value way to enjoy the beaches and Dartmoor national park on our doorstep and cook on an open fire under the stars!

We look forward to welcoming campers, glampers, and group bookings, for what we hope will be a great year of awesome camping here in our beautiful and simple campsite.

See you soon, Treacle Team.”

What's On, Entertainment in Torquay, Paignton & Brixham

Author: Alan Bristow

Entertainment and what’s on in Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham, a comprehensive list of entertainment venues including theatres, shows, cinemas, live music venues, and local festivals in and around Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham. What’s on and places to go around Torbay whilst camping, or glamping at Treacle Valley Campsite.

For more information on “What’s on in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham,” follow the link to our ‘what’s on’ page.

Beaches in Torbay

Author: Alan Bristow

Treacle Valley campsite’s ‘beaches’ page is now finished! We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the beaches in and around the Torbay area, giving holiday guests at Treacle Valley campsite, easy access to our rich and diverse beaches in Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham.

For more information on “Beaches in Torbay,” follow the link to our ‘beaches’ page.

Boat trips in and around Torbay

Author: Alan Bristow

Treacle Valley campsite’s ‘boat trips’ page is now online. We have compiled a comprehensive list of boat trips, in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, and beyond the bay of Torbay to Dartmouth. There are ferry services, cruises, fishing trips, and days out by boat. Go by boat from Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, and Dartmouth, whilst on holiday at Treacle Valley campsite.

For more information on “Boat Trips in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, and Dartmouth,” follow the link to our ‘boat trips‘ page.

Treacle Valley Campsite is really close to Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, so it's the ideal campsite for your camping holiday is sunny Torbay.
Thank You Campers & Glampers

Author: Alan Bristow

With our campsite now closed we would like to thank all you campers & glampers, for spending time with us at Treacle Valley Campsite!

With our 2023 season now over it is no time for us on the farm to reflect on what a fantastic camping and glamping, season we have had. We have met some lovely people from all over the UK, and indeed from ever-increasing folks from Europe and beyond …
We trust you all enjoyed your time with us too, and hope to see you again next season!

The Treacle Valley team.

Custard the Horse Box available for glamping

Author: Alan Bristow

Our new luxury glamping Horse Box conversion is now ready for booking.

“Devon knows how they make it so dreamy”. Custard the Horsebox conversion is Treacle Valley’s latest offer to those who would like to be immersed in nature and the great views at our campsite, but prefer a little more home comforts.

It started with a grand up-cycling project with an old, but full off character Horse box, and now through responsibly sourcing as much as possible “Custard” has become our finest campsite addition. Custard the Horse Box has everything you need, electric, fridge, hob, bedding, towels, a fully kitted-out kitchen, and deck chairs on the private patio. You only need to bring your toothbrush.

For more info, give us a ring (mornings), or if you prefer to email go to our Contact Us page to book a stay and experience all the best things Treacle Valley campsite has to offer and now in absolute comfort.

(As always bookings can also be made on the pitchup website.

Thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you here.

For more information on “Glamping at Treacle Valley campsite,” follow the link to our ‘glamping‘ page.

Camping airbeds do not last. At Treacle Valley campsite we throw away too many camping airbeds every year. We suggest instead of buying expensive airbeds you invest in good quality roll mats or even a memory foam toppers are ideal for a perfect night's sleep whilst camping.
Camping airbeds do not last

Author: Alan Bristow

Word to the wise Airbeds do not last!

Every year we have hundreds of failed airbeds thrown away at our campsite.

If you plan to camp again or regularly then we think the self-inflating thermal roll mats are a better option, and should last a lifetime. Campers often complain that airbeds leave them sleeping on the ground when they wake. The self-inflating kind are thinner but at least you are guaranteed not to end up on the ground. Plus they keep you much warmer as you sleep. We would like to generate less waste here at Treacle Valley campsite and although the better mats are more expensive, we hope that they might be a sensible option for longevity and produce less waste.

Thank you for reading …

Treacle Valley campsite children's play park. We have a small choldrens playpark on the campsite, so if you camping with children thewy can run around and play whilst you relax. The clildrens play park can be found at the bottom of brook field.
New slide and tower in campsite play park

Author: Alan Bristow

Please welcome the newest addition to the Treacle team and Treacle Valley Campsite.

Our wonderful new slide and tower!

We knew our existing hammock swing would be a hit with the little ones, so we hope this new shiny slide and tower will be just as popular.

Treacle valley is a traditional campsite with not many frills but without any hassles too. We hope to get the basics right for a classic campsite holiday and with this new slide we are sure to make your stay even better.

Treacle Valley campsite is a dog friendly campsite. Well-behaved dogs are always allowed to join you whilst camping with us at Treacle Valley campsite. During the camping season we do kindly ask for your dogs to be kept on a lead at all times, and of course to respect fellow campers, we also ask that you clean up after them.
Dog Friendly Campsite

Author: Alan Bristow

Treacle Valley is a Dog Friendly Campsite.

All well-behaved dogs kept on leads at all times are very welcome

The surrounding countryside, beaches, and southwest coast path are perfect for long walks.

For more information on ‘dog-friendly beaches in and around Torbay’ please follow the link to Treacle Valley campsites ‘beaches‘ page.

In addition to this one of the fields in the valley close to the campsite is owned by a dog boarding and day care company. Inquiries can be made at

Treacle Valley Campsite recycling. We actively encourage recycling whilst camping with us at Treacle Valley campsite.
Recycling Facilities on the Campsite

Author: Alan Bristow

We encourage recycling at Treacle Valley Campsite.

Recycling containers and facilities can be found opposite the campsite shop. If you require recycling bags to make recycling of items easier than please let us know.

We recycle;

  1. Glass Bottles and Jars
  2. Plastic Bottles, Cups and
  3. Food Packaging, (please dispose of black and grey plastic food packaging in the general waste bins).
  4. Aluminium, Tin or Steel Cans
  5. Paper and Cardboard
  6. Barbecue Ash and Trays
    Uncooked Vegetables

Please rinse bottle, cans and any food package items with fresh water before recycling.

Thank you …

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